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In The Media | Brian Cristiano

CBS Sports Desk: Recap of Super Bowl LI Commercials

sports marketing, In The Media

CBS's Steve Overmyer interviews sports marketing expert, Brian Cristiano on Super Bowl LI Commercials on RAM Sports Desk. 

The Drum: How the sports landscape could look in 2017

sports marketing, In The Media

Sports content and marketing, especially in the US, is wide open and messier than a Mark Sanchez run in crunch time. In fact, at our first “The Big Messy”, a panel discussion on “messy” topics in the industry, it was clear that there is an emerging inflection point where brands, sports, technology and creativity collide.

Money: What Tim Tebow Needs to Know Before He Steps Onto the Diamond

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His timing is impeccable.

Tim Tebow may not be the first athlete to attempt a mid-career transition to another sport, but the stakes could be bigger for him than those who preceded him.

Tim, you’re an undeniably talented athlete, but you’re not on the same iconic level as Michael Jordan, or Bo Jackson – or even Danny Ainge, for that matter. And while your outspoken political and religious views have earned you plenty of fans, they’ve also created a contingent of people who would love to see you fall. Similarly, your feats in college athletics are the stuff of legend, but after bouncing around the NFL, there’s a similar group of sports fans ready to pounce.

CBS: NBA To Begin Selling Jersey Sponsorships

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP)The NBA will begin selling jersey sponsorships in 2017-18, becoming the first major North American sports league to put partners’ logos on players’ uniforms.

The three-year trial was approved Friday by NBA owners and will take effect when the league’s contract with Nike begins. The patches will appear on the front left of the jersey, opposite Nike’s logo, and measure about 2½ by 2½ inches.

Logos appear on international and MLS soccer jerseys, and many athletes in individual sports wear their sponsors’ attire in competition.

Yahoo Finance: Nike, Under Armour, Adidas go head-to-head at The Masters

In The Media

Brian Cristiano sat down with Daniel Roberts at Yahoo! Finance to disucss the battle between brands around the Masters. 

SMG: Social Media Week Quotables: Virtual Reality, 360 Video Nearly Ready for Primetime

In The Media, 360 video

Although the bulk of on-stage discussion at last week’s Social Media Week New York centered on — you guessed it — social media, much of the video-production–related conversation was about virtual reality and 360 video. The formats have become a hot-button issue for sports-video producers of late, as leagues and broadcasters look to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology and evaluate where VR and 360 video stand in the production ecosystem.

Social Media Week: How 360° Video Is Changing The Content Game

In The Media

360° video and virtual reality are platforms that are gaining an enormous amount of buzz at Social Media Week and beyond. According to Brian Cristiano, the CEO of BOLD Worldwide, 360° video is worth the hype.

Social Media Week:  (Keynote) How 360° Video Is Changing The Content Game

In The Media, 360 video

If you’re a marketer or content creator looking to engage your audience in an immersive way, you need to understand 360° video.

“How 360° Video is Changing the Content Game” is a keynote speach at Social Media Week that will open your eyes in all directions and shed some light on how you can utilize this technology for entertainment, engagement and sales.

Brian Cristiano, CEO of BOLD Worldwide will explain the value, excitement and execution of 360° video through an in-depth discussion and real-life examples. Attendees will walk away with a deep understanding of the technology, why brands need to use it and how to leverage social media to drive interaction.

Yahoo Finance: Market Pulse: Super Bowl 50 Commercials w/ Nat Ives & Brian Cristiano

In The Media

 Brian Cristiano sits down with Daniel Roberts and Nat Ives on Yahoo Finance to talk about the winners and losers of the Super Bowl 50 commercials. 

WCBS/WLNY: Super Bowl 50 Commercials - Steve Overmyer Interviews Brian Cristiano

In The Media

WLNY's Steve Overmyer interviews sports marketing expert, Brian Cristiano on Super Bowl 50 Commercials on Jeep Sports Desk.