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Sports Marketing Huddle | Podcast

EP-203 MLB Players Social Network: Good Idea or Lame?


The MLBPA just launched an app called Infield Chatter which is a custom social network just for players and their fans. They’ve already got over 1,000 MLB players onboard creating content and engaging with fans.

EP-202 Diamond Leung, Managing Editor at SportTechie - Trends & Tech


SportTechie Managing Editor Diamond Leung joins Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy to talk about augmented reality, wearable tech, trends in the marketplace, and how SportTechie has grown and differentiated itself.

EP-201 Toasted Grasshoppers Blowing Up In Seattle


Toasted grasshoppers are all the rage right now at the Seattle Mariners Safeco Field. So far this year they’ve sold over 18,000 grasshoppers at the Poquitos concession stand (at $4 for a four-ounce cup), which was added as part of the Mariners strategy to add more of a local flair to their concessions.

SoulCycle - Lessons Learned From A First Time Experience


SoulCycle is more than just spinning classes. It’s a community, it’s an experience, and it’s an intense workout. In this off the record Rob Cressy shares with Brian Cristiano his first time experience taking a class at SoulCycle on recommendation from Mrs Bacon. What initially had the feeling of a cult turned into a positive experience that has marketing lessons built in. SoulCycle did a great job of delivering a unique experience around it’s tribe and did so with excellence, fun, and great storytelling.

EP-200 The Good & Bad From Mizuno’s Rent A Glove Experience


Mizuno just created their Mizuno Experience Center at Atlanta Braves Sunburst stadium where, among other things, fans can rent a glove for a game and test it for 48 hours. If they like it, their credit card is charged, otherwise they return it free of charge.

EP-199 Can Fan Created Content Be Monetized?


A recent article in FutureSport shared seven ways that teams could monetize fan created content. Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy talk about if it makes sense or is even possible to monetize fan created content. Should teams be thinking bigger with their sponsorships? Should fan engagement opportunities be just that, leaving the monetization to another area? What could an integrated sponsorship of the Kiss Cam look like?

EP-198 How To Market Early Season MLB Games In Bad Weather Cities


For many teams across Major League Baseball the weather is less than desireable in the first two months of the 162 game season. This can cause ticket sales and attendance to decrease as many fans opt to wait to attend games until it’s nicer out. Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy talk about what MLB teams can do from a marketing standpoint to encourage attendance early in the season.

EP-197 How To Increase Fan Engagement Around The Playoffs


The NHL playoffs just started and with it comes a journey for both the players and fans to win the greatest trophy in all of professional sports, the Stanley Cup. Because of the cache of Lord Stanley, the NHL has successfully engaged fans with its #becauseitsthecup and #myplayoffsmoment hashtags, getting them to send in photos and videos of them sharing their experience. What can teams do to encourage fans to send in more videos?

OTR - You Need To Think Bigger


You need to think bigger than you are right now, like 10x bigger. In this off the record Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy talk about how this simple change in mindset has had a tremendous impact in their life, success, and it can you too.

EP-196 March Adsanity, Missed Masters Opportunity & Cubs Opening Day


The world of sports is on fire right now, from MLB Opening Day, the thrilling finish to The Masters, to March Madness concluding. Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy put a bow on these three topics as they dish about how Pizza Hut was the runaway winner of March Adsanity, blowing away the competition in terms of engagement, how The Masters missed a gigantic opportunity by not allowing cell phones to capture one of the most exciting endings ever, and how Cubs fans are brimming with excitement at their home opener where they will raise their Championship flags, something that MLB majorly dropped the ball on.

The Sports Marketing Huddle is a podcast that takes a look at all things marketing in the world of sports. In this daily show Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy give a forward-thinking perspective on some of the hottest topics in the world of sports marketing with actionable advice for how you can implement it into your business. 

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