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Sports Marketing Huddle | Podcast

EP-243 NFL Kickoff, Rating Down & Most Marketable Players

EP-242 Tough Mudder & Building a Community

EP-241 Derek Jeter To Save The Marlins

EP-240 Are Business Cards Dead?

EP-239 Charge 25 Under 25 with Jesse Ghiorzi

EP-238 MLB Nickname Jerseys & Yankees History

EP-237 Update on $100 Million & Creating Boatloads of Content

EP-236 Gametime CEO Brad Griffith On Mobile Ticketing To Millennials

EP-235 Please Tell Me You Are Paying Attention To eSports

EP-234 Mayweather vs McGregor Press Tour M*TH!A F**!A

EP-233 Is Aaron Judge The Next Derek Jeter?

OTR - The Quest To Build a $100 Million Company

EP-232 You Can’t Stop The Ball Family, You Can Only Hope To Contain Them

EP-231 Does Fox Sports Website Going Video Only Make Sense?

EP-230 Viability of Ice Cube’s Big 3 League

EP-229 Markelle Fultz IG Gaff, Lavar Ball’s Likability & Fallout From Bulls Trading Jimmy Butler

EP-228 Will The Knicks Continue To Be A Dumpster Fire Now That Phil Jackson Is Gone?

EP-227 Arica Kress, VP of Marketing for the Columbus Crew SC

EP-226 Adam White, CEO at Front Office Sports

EP-225 Warriors vs Cavs: Trilogies, KD’s brand, Lifetime Value

EP-224 Lessons Learned From Penguins Winning Stanley Cup

EP-223 Live Streaming- Tips For Helping You Get Started

EP-222 Bacon vs Tacos: The Most Delicious Baseball Promotion Ever

EP-221 Where Does Tiger Woods Brand Go Now?

EP-220 Growing and Engaging Your Social Media Audience W/ Lana Berry

OTR - Instagram vs Snapchat: Has Our Perception Changed?

EP-219 Let’s Party! NFL Relaxes Touchdown Celebration Rules

EP-218 How To Market Around The Cavs vs Warriors NBA Finals

EP-217 Is The Madden Cover Curse A Good Thing?

EP-216 Marketing, Leadership & Growth with Rob Johnson

EP-215 Free Beer For A Hole In One: Sign Me Up!

EP-214 Social Engagement & Best Takeaways From Digimarcon East

EP-213 Nike’s 2 Hour Marathon Attempt Falls Short But Still Wins

EP-212 Will We Ever See Another Derek Jeter?

EP-211 How ServiceMaster Executed Their Viral Grizzlies Campaign

EP-210 Ishveen Anand, CEO at OpenSponsorship on Sports Sponsorships

EP-209 Earth to LaVar Ball: Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse

EP-208 Fallout From The ESPN Layoffs

EP-207 NFL Draft Winners & Losers

EP-206 Why Did Steph Curry Swear Off Social Media For The NBA Playoffs?

EP-205 ServiceMaster Cleans Up With Grizzlies Campaign

EP-204 Why Are The Clippers Selling NBA Playoff Tickets on Groupon?

Monetizing UGC, Marketing early season games, and better playoff engagement. Week's Recap

EP-203 MLB Players Social Network: Good Idea or Lame?

EP-202 Diamond Leung, Managing Editor at SportTechie - Trends & Tech

EP-201 Toasted Grasshoppers Blowing Up In Seattle

SoulCycle - Lessons Learned From A First Time Experience

EP-200 The Good & Bad From Mizuno’s Rent A Glove Experience

EP-199 Can Fan Created Content Be Monetized?

EP-198 How To Market Early Season MLB Games In Bad Weather Cities

EP-197 How To Increase Fan Engagement Around The Playoffs

OTR - You Need To Think Bigger

EP-196 March Adsanity, Missed Masters Opportunity & Cubs Opening Day

EP-195 Successful Ways To Leverage Athletes With Alex Martucci, CEO at Curlad

EP-194 How Can MLB Improve Their Marketing?

EP-193 When Will The Masters Grow Up?

EP-192 Play Ball! MLB & New Era’s #CapsOn Campaign

EP-191 Pulling A Costanza By Doing The Opposite

EP-190 Launch of Bleacher Boys & Podcast Ad Execution

EP-189 March Adsanity Final Four- Who Will Take Home The Championship?

EP-188 How Can Sports Bars Market More Around Sports?

EP-187 Storytelling and Engagement Lessons Learned At Disney World

EP-186 Grant Cardone’s 10x Growth Conference Experience

OTR - Facebook Instant Articles Hack

EP-185 Don Povia, Founder Transition Sports and Entertainment

EP-184 Erika Nardini, CEO at Barstool Sports - Community, Engagement & Content

OTR - Living Without Fear

EP-183 Bob Pockrass, Motorsports Writer at ESPN - NASCAR Sponsorships

EP-182 The Struggle Continues For Sports Retailers

EP-181 What Are The Biggest Risks You Have Taken?

EP-180 Which Brand Will Win March Adsanity?

EP-179 LaVar Ball & Big Baller Brand

EP-178 Best Ways To Market Around March Madness

EP-177 Marketing Around Equality In Sports

EP-176 Knicks Entertainment-less First Half Disaster

EP-175 Who Won The Adidas Win An Island Promotion at NFL Combine?

EP-174 Chris Zoller, Director of Marketing at Everlast - Storytelling & Community

EP-173 Social Media Week NYC Panel Recap

EP-172 Lindsey Naber, Director of Marketing, Rawlings Sporting Goods

EP-171 Jonathan Cane, Founder of City Coach - Breaking 2:00 Marathon

EP-170 James Royer, Director of Digital Media & Strategy, Kansas City Chiefs

EP-169 Giving Fans Their 15 Seconds of Fame

EP-168 Why Are Sports Ratings Down?

EP-167 MLB Using Facebook Live & Creative Ways To Execute It

EP-166 Organic & Paid Social Strategies For Sports Brands & Teams

EP-165 The Value of Consistency in a Social Media Handle

EP-164 Monster Energy NASCAR Models Won’t Change Outfits

EP-163 Kara Hutchinson, Director of Marketing, Boston Celtics - Rich History & Isaiah Thomas

EP-162 Going Off About Snapchat’s IPO

EP-161 Sports Publishing & Monetization: How To Solve This Giant Problem

EP-160 Is Gatorade's Sponsorship of the NBA D-League a Good Thing

EP-159 NBA All-Star Weekend Musings & Snapchat

OTR - Standards of Leaders

OTR - Have A Vision

EP-158 Dannon Hulskotter, Vice President of Marketing & Fan Engagement, Minnesota Vikings - #NSF17

EP-157 Kris Koivisto, Manager of Digital Content, Portland Trail Blazers - Digital Innovation

EP-156 Angelina Lawton, CEO, Sportsdigita - #NSF17

EP-155 Megan Ryan, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy, Atlanta Hawks - Fan Engagement & Growth

EP-154 Chad Seigler, VP of Business Development, NASCAR - #NSF17

EP-153 Kurt Hunzucker, VP of Marketing & Strategy, Minor League Baseball - #NSF17

EP-152 Impact Of The NY Knicks Disfunction

EP-151 Eugene Alletto, CEO of Bedgear Performance Bedding - Importance of Sleep & Sponsorships

EP-150 Dan Goldberger, Director of Digital Media & Marketing, Atlanta Dream

EP-149 Ashley DeWalt, CEO of Leverage Sports - The Role of Content in College Athletics Recruiting

EP-148 Steve Corsaro, VP of Biz Dev, National Sports Forum

EP-147 Super Bowl Commercial Winners & Losers

EP-146 Major Drama Surrounding GNC’s Super Bowl Commercial Getting Pulled

EP-145 Super Bowl Commercial Preview

EP-144 Scott Kegley, Executive Director for the Minnesota Vikings - Digital Storytelling

EP-143 Pat Gallagher, EVP Marketing for the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee

EP-142 Yellow Tail’s Inventive Marketing Around the SuperBowl

OTR - WWE Delivers on Royal Rumble Experience

EP-141 How & Why Social Media And The SuperBowl Go Hand In Hand

OTR - Of Course You Should Work For Free

EP-140 Tracy Marek, CMO of the Cleveland Cavaliers – Marketing Champions & LeBron

EP-139 Watching The Super Bowl From Tom Brady's Perspective

EP-138 Will Snickers Live Streaming Super Bowl Ad Be A Success?

EP-137 The Effect of Antonio Brown’s 6 Figure Facebook Deal

EP-136 Dave Lang, Director of Digital Media for the Baltimore Ravens


OTR-Being A Leader

EP-135 Jeff Katz, GM of Sponsorships at GumGum

EP-134 Pacific Pro Football League’s Viability

EP-133 Will brands go digital only for the Super Bowl?

OTR: What's the fall out of Antonio Brown's Facebook live stream from the Steelers locker room?

EP-132 Will Cowboys loss effect Super Bowl value?

EP-131 Do Logos Matter?

EP-130 Potential Rule Change To Speed Up The End of NBA Games

EP-129 Inaugural SportTechie NYC Event Takeaways

EP-128 Another Example of Twitter Not Getting It

EP-127 Adam Silver Predicts How We Will Watch Basketball in 5 years.

EP-126 ESPN Megacast for the College Football National Championship

EP-125 Jerome Hiquet, CMO, Tough Mudder

Off The Record: Fighting For Our Attention - Instagram vs Snapchat

Off The Record: New Years Eve Snapchat Geofilters

EP-124 Anthony Caponiti, CEO, Hashtag Sports

Live From CES: The Raw Experience, Winning/Losing Sports Brands & How to Biz Dev

EP-123 Ronda Rousey's Loss, The Impact, and Her Marketability

EP-122 Nic Darling, EVP, Major League Ultimate

EP-121 Social & Digital Initiatives Surrounding The College Football National Championship Game

EP-120 Mark Burns, Senior Writer, Sport Techie

Off The Record: Brands Afraid of Social Media. How Is This Possible?

Off The Record: Thoughts On Twitter

Off The Record: Supermarket Sweep

Off The Record: Sports Marketing Resources

EP-119 Tiger Woods Helps Golf Ratings Soar

Off The Record: Thoughts on GoPro

Off The Record: Fact About Me Of The Day

EP-118 Steve Overmyer, Sportscaster at WCBS-NY

EP-117 Fox Builds Live Super Bowl Commercial Concept

EP-116 Michael Ehrlich, Director of Public Relations, Adidas

EP-115 State Farm Sponsors Chicago Cubs World Series Trophy Tour

EP-114 Doug Zanger, North America Editor, The Drum

EP-113 NHL's Partnership with Dunkin' Donuts

EP-112 Jeramie McPeek, Social Media QB (Houston Super Bowl), Former VP Digital at Phoenix Suns

EP-111 NFLPA Launches Accelerator Program

EP-110 University of Dubuque Sports Marketing Class Thoughts & Experience

EP-109 NBA Bitmoji's on Snapchat

EP-108 Julie Frahm, Director, Original Programming & Production, SportsNet New York

EP-107 College Football Refs Wearing GoPros During Big Ten Championship Game

EP-106 Chris Valente, Director, NFL Sports Marketing, DraftKings

EP-105 NFL Relaxes Social Media Rules

EP-104 Daniel Roberts, Yahoo Finance

EP-103 Minnesota Wild Debut Snapchat Spectacles

EP-102 Bud Light Gold Can: Win Super Bowl Tickets For Life

EP-101 NFL's My Cause, My Cleats Campaign

EP-100 A one hundred minute episode to celebrate our hundredth show.

EP-99 Dallas Mavericks Launch Roku Channel, First NBA Team To Use Musical.ly

EP-98 Philadelphia 76ers Training eSports Players Like Pro Athletes

EP-97 ESPN's Record Breaking Digital Traffic

EP-96 NBA Players Visit Google

EP-95 Celebrity Twitter Ambassadors For Thursday Night Football

EP-94 New England Patriots Awesome WiFi Upgrades

EP-93 NASCAR's Social Media Pivot

EP-92 Campus Insiders Streams First College Basketball Game on Twitter

EP-91 Tony Romo's Brand & Marketability

EP-90 Gatorade's Gx Sports Fuel Customization Platform

EP-89 MLB Destroying Cleveland Indians World Series Apparel

EP-88 Conor McGregor's Marketability

EP-87 FanDuel & DraftKings Imminent Merger

Special Episode: Making The Chicago Cubs World Series Shirts

EP-86 Sponsored NFL Tweets That Miss The Mark

EP-85 Buying Products Via Instagram

EP-84 Real-Time Branded Advertisements from Turner Sports & Google

EP-83 Chicago Cubs World Series Gear Breaking Records

EP-82 WWE's Awesome Storytelling & Marketing

EP-81 New York Islanders Using Virtual Reality To Sell Tickets

EP-80 ESPN Loses 600k Subscribers

EP-79 3 Social Media Branding Lessons You Can Learn From Sports Teams

EP-78 The Death of Vine

EP-77 World Series Marketing In Wrigley

EP-76 Robot Death Matches

EP-75 Chicago Cubs Snapchat Geofilter Results

Off The Record: The Cubs Win the World Series - Rob's Experience in Wrigley

EP-74 Taco Bell's Steal a Base, Steal a Taco

EP-73 Would the Jacksonville Jaguars be better off in London?

EP-72 The Washington capitals Facebook Messenger Bot

EP-71 NBA and Virtual Reality

EP-70 Baylor's Brand Marketability

EP-69 Cleveland Indians & Their Hilarious Twitter Account

EP-68 NFL Teams Poking Fun at the NFL's Social Media Policy

EP-67 Antonio Brown's Custom Cleats

Off The Record: Cubs Snapchat Geofilter

EP-66 Rugby's Increase in Popularity

EP-65 Dallas Mavericks Sleep Partnership

EP-64 Kia's Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson Commerical

EP-63 NBA's First Two Jersey Sponsors

EP-62 Ruth's Chris Steak House Michigan Football Promotion

EP-61 NFL Fining Teams for Posting Social Media Videos

EP-60 Run DMC Line of Apparel From Fanatics

EP-59 Freshii Waiving the $30k Franchise Fee if the Chicago Cubs Win the World Series

EP-58 Marketing around the Blue Jays fan who threw a beer on the field at the AL Wild Card Game

Off The Record: Lance Armstrong Twitter Beef

EP-57 NFL's Double Standard With Antonio Brown's Celebrations

EP-56 Dunkin Donuts Makes David Ortiz Out of 10,000 Donuts

EP-55 Mark Trumbo's AL Wild Card Home Run Up for Auction

Off The Record: Getting a Cold Email Response

Off The Record: How I Met Gary Vaynerchuk

EP-54 Nike Color Rush Uniforms

EP-53 Capitalizing on a Chicago Cubs World Series

Off The Record: How We'd Save Golfsmith

EP-52 Neil Patel Talks Sports Marketing, Hustle & Making Things Happen

EP-51 Tailgate Houses - A Deeper Dive With Jim Freudenberg

EP-50 Drone Racing League Becoming ESPN's Newest Televised Sport

EP-49 Golfsmith Files for Bankruptsy

EP-48 Steelers Partnership with Uber

EP-47 Papa John's, Peyton Manning & JJ Watt

EP-46 Adidas + Kayne West Yeezy Cleats

EP-45 Antonio Brown's Touchdown Twerk

EP-44 San Francisco 49ers Partner with Amazon

EP-43 Colin Kaepernick's Marketability

EP-42 NFL Players Wearing Patriotic 9/11 Cleats

EP-41 Why are Colleges Leaving Adidas?

Off The Record: Next Level On Yeezy Cleats

EP-40 Are College Football Tailgate Houses Underpriced?

EP-39 Will Under Armour Ever be Able to Overtake Nike?

EP-38 Our New Partnership With a Sports Marketing Class at University of Dubuque

EP-37 Tailgate Houses For Kentucky Football

EP-36 The Las Vegas Raiders Marketing Potential

EP-35 New Era Buying The Buffalo Bills Stadium Naming Rights

EP-34 Tom Brady's Expensive Nuts

EP-33 Fresno Tacos & Minor League Baseball Promotions

EP-32 Old Spice, Von Miller & the Official Deodorant of the NFL

EP-31 Ryan Lochte's Marketability

EP-30 The NFL Playing International Games

EP-29 Usain Bolt's Marketability

EP-28 Hard Rock Purchasing the Dolphins Stadium Naming Rights

EP-27 Instagram Stories: How Can Sport Marketers Use it?

EP-26 Alex Rodriguez Post- Career Marketability

EP-25 Tim Tebow Wants to Play Baseball

EP-24 Rule 40 at the Olympics

EP-23 Fantasy Football: An Opportunity For Sports Marketers?

EP-22 Bud Light's NFL Team Cans

EP-21 The Olympics

EP-20 UFC Sells for $4 Billion

EP-19 360 Virtual Reality & Sports

EP-18 Kevin Durant to the Warriors

EP-17 Jordan Brand

EP-16 Soccer In America

EP-15 Most Marketable Athletes: Who Would We Want Representing Our Brand?

EP-14 Sports Authenticity

EP-13 Does Controversy in Sports Help Brands

EP-12 How Can the PGA Grow its Shrinking Audience?

EP-11 Personalizing Sports Marketing

EP-10 Athletes Post-Career Marketability

EP-09 Snapchat and Professional Sports Teams

EP-08 Why don't Americans like Professional Cycling?

EP-07 Going to the Game vs Watching at Home

EP-06 Are E-Sports really a sport?

EP-05 Why are sports retailers closing their doors?

EP-04 Why Should Sports Brands be on Instagram?

EP-03 Sponsored logos on NBA Jerseys

EP-02 Should Pro Athletes Outsource their Social Media?

EP-01 How can Pro Sports Teams Leverage Facebook Live?

EP-00 Welcome To The Sports Marketing Huddle

The Sports Marketing Huddle is a podcast that takes a look at all things marketing in the world of sports. In this daily show Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy give a forward-thinking perspective on some of the hottest topics in the world of sports marketing with actionable advice for how you can implement it into your business. 

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